7×12 Extract (Saat Bara)

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What is Satbara Extract?

7X12 (Satbara) Extract is official document maintained by the Revenue Department of the Maharashtra State for agricultural land and for land that was converted into non-agricultural land (NA).

Saat Bara is also known as follows:  7×12 Utara,  7×12 Extract, 7 12 Extract, Satbara Utara, Seven Twelve Extract,  Satbara Extract, 7/12 Utara, 7/12 Extract

How to obtain copy of Satbara Extract?

Online: To obtain online 7X12 (Satbara) Extract click or visit below mentioned link

1] http://pune.gov.in/WebRcis/Aspx/SaatBara.aspx


You should have following details with you to search for 7X12 Extract

1] District

2] Taluka

3] Village name,

4] Survey Number / Gat No. of the land.

Please note that this website is meant for reference purpose only, and should not be and cannot be used for legal reasons. For legal reasons, you have to obtain physical copy from respective revenue offices.

State Revenue Offices: Talathi office of respective village maintains the Satbara records. One can pay the necessary official fee to obtain certified /official copy of the Satbara, hence the term “Satbara Extract” or “Satbara Utara” (Utara is Marathi word for copying from other source). Also anyone can apply for Satbara Copy of any land under the Right To Information Act.


  1. Sandeep M Deshpande

    Why is MULSHI taluka not available for online 7/12 utara??
    Any timeline for this.??

  2. sandip

    Mulshi not updated then from where will I get latest 7/12 plz give me detail address of the office and what is the procedure to get 7/12 .thank u

  3. Niyaz

    Can o get 7/12 extract online or through local talathi office even if i dont ha e details of survey numbers , Gst number or plot number.

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