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  • Parents have big dreams for their child, are very much possessive about their career. Making those dreams to reality requires proper investment planning. The early you start the better.
  • At every milestone, pay-out’s are required, and more so when it comes to higher education. In higher education, huge amount of money is required and if we are unprepared, the child is deprived of graduation of his choice.
  • When you plan your child education, assess current education cost and future cost. Set required target amount, tenure, expected returns and start SIP. Determine monthly requirement of saving and expected returns.
  • Parents are not financially dependent on children, but Children are dependent on parents. (Always Parents must be insured.) Invest in a SIP of diversified mutual fund and buy a term insurance plan on your name.
  • Don’t invest in a long-term fixed deposit for your daughter’s education when she is just a toddler. The money that is not going to be touched for a long period should ideally be in equity mutual funds.
  • It can be easily seen from the table below, cost of higher education as on today, and cost of higher education as on year 2030. Education inflation is taken as 12% p.a.

Post Graduation Approx.. Cost as on 2015 and future value after inflation will be 2030
Doctor Rs. 15 Lacs in 2030  Rs. 82 Lacs
Engineering Rs. 10 Lacs , in 2030 Rs. 54 Lacs
CA Rs. 5 Lacs, in 2030 Rs. 27 Lacs
Fashion Designing Rs. 6 Lacs  in 2030 Rs. 32 Lacs.

Introducing Axis Children’s Gift Fund (An Open Ended Balanced Scheme)

Give your children the gift of a good future.

New Fund Offer Opens on: November 18, 2015

New Fund Offer Closes on: December 02, 2015

Scheme re-opens for continuous sale & re-purchase on or before December 14, 2015

Investment objective:  The scheme aims at generating long-term returns and maintaining risk under control by investing around 40 to 60 percent of its assets in equities and the same in debt related instruments. Only children below 18 years of age are eligible to apply in this scheme.

The fund focuses on long-term investment and endeavors to help in saving for your child’s needs as he/she grows up.  Investments in the fund can be planned for a child’s future be it education, marriage or just an investment for a rainy day.

Giving an investment can be a great way to provide a gift that continues to give!

Key Features:
•The investments can be made only in the name of a minor (<18 yrs at the time of investment).
•A Unit holder till attaining Majority shall be represented by his / her parent or legal guardian.
•Who can invest and how much?*      ◦Minor Kid, Parents/Guardian, Grandparents, Relatives, Non Individual with No Limits.
•The Investor makes a gift of the Units to the beneficiary child, i.e. the Unit holder.

Option: – Growth, Dividend (Dividend Payout and Reinvestment Facility [reinvestment option is available under No Lock-in sub-plan only])
Default Sub-Plan: No Lock-in,
Default Option: Growth •Options/ Plans
•SIP : All SIP installments are guided by the lock-in rule ,
•STP/SWP: Available only post lock-in period,
•Trigger facility available post lock-in period

Asset Allocation Pattern

Asset allocation pattern Types of Instruments Normal Allocation (% of Net Assets) of the scheme:

Asset allocation pattern Types of Instruments Normal Allocation (% of Net Assets) of the scheme:

Indicative Allocation (% of net assets) Risk Profile    Minimum & Maximum         Low/Medium/High
Debt and money market instruments: –                  25 & 55,                                        Low to Medium
Equity and Equity related instruments: –                 40 & 60                                        High
Cash-Futures Arbitrage: –                                       5 & 15                                          Low to Medium

Load Structure

Entry Load – Nil

Exit Load – Compulsory Lock-in: Investment will be locked-in till child is 18 years of age. Investment may be redeemed after child is 18 years of age or 3 years whichever is later . No Lock-in: Investment will not be locked-in till the child is 18 years of age & can be redeemed at any point of time at NAV based prices subject to exit load

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategies:-

a] Fixed Income Strategy (25-55%): – •The portfolio duration and credit exposures will be decided based on a thorough research of the general macroeconomic condition, political and fiscal environment, systematic liquidity, inflationary expectations, corporate performance and other economic considerations.

b] Equity Strategy (40-60%): •Focus on building a diversified portfolio of strong growth companies, reflecting our most attractive investment ideas, at all points of time. •Bottom-up stock selection process, focusing on appreciation potential of individual stocks from a fundamental perspective, •Active management

c] Cash-Futures Arbitrage Strategy (5-15%): •The fund would look for market opportunities between the spot and the futures market.

Attach following document along with the application form

  • Application Process / Forms Submission Centers  What is the process/procedure to Invest in Mutual Fund Schemes? Please take print of the Application Form on A4 size paper. Click here to Download Application Form
  • a] KYC Completed Status Copy, Click here for check KYC Status 
  • b] If not done KYC then fills up KYC Form, affixed Photograph, attach PAN Card & Address Proof Photo Copy attested by applicant.)
  • Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of “ Axis Children’s Gift Fund
  • One Cancelled Cheque /copy (for SIP Registration)
  • Keep photocopy of application form for your record.
  • Submit / deposit your application form in below mentioned Collection Centers/ Branches.
  • To record and track the status/allotment of your application form, send us the soft copy Application Form/ Acknowledgement Slip.
  • The mutual fund company would issue you an Account Statement and confirmation about account has been opened within 4 working days from the date of investment.
  • The account statement will reach your communication address within 15-30 Days from date of allotment.
  • Free Home Service available *
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Moderately High

Contact for investment on 9822403407 or write us on sanriyainvest@gmail.com


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