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National Housing Bank (NHB) was established under the Act of Parliament viz, NHB Act in 1988 to operate as a principal agency to promote housing finance institutions both at local and regional ) operative Sector are the primary agencies for the development and expansion of the housing finance market in India. In future, NHB endeavours to continue to support a healthy housing finance sector in the country and realize their goal of affordable housing for all.Functions of NHB may be broadly classified as follows:

 –  Regulatory and Supervision :- NHB regulates and supervises the activities of HFCs in accordance with the provisions of the NHB Act.
–  Financing : NHB provides financial assistance to PLIs by way of refinance for development and expansion of housing finance market in India. NHB also provides direct finance to public agencies, private agencies in PPP mode for the provision of affordable and low cost housing in the country. NHB is a significant provider of developmental finance towards affordable housing in the country. NHB is focused on the holistic development of the housing finance market in the country.
Promotion and Development: NHB plays the role of a facilitator to promote and develop HFC’s to improve/ strengthen the credit delivery network for housing finance in the country. NHB have been promoting inclusive expansion and stability in the housing finance market.

NHB has played a central nodal role in implementing various schemes of the GoI under its initiative of “Affordable Housing for All”.

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