Shriram Transport Finance Ltd.[STFC] NCD  Oct 2013 Interest Rate up to 11.75%

Company Profile

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited is a non-banking financial company. It is engaged in financing of pre-owned and new commercial and passenger vehicles, tractors, three wheelers and multi-utility vehicles. It also provides finance for working capital, engine replacement, bill discounting, credit cards and tire-loans as holistic financing support. Through its 100%-owned subsidiary, Shriram Equipment Finance Company Limited, it provides financing of pre-owned and new construction equipment. The Company also owns, operates and manages Automall, pre-owned commercial vehicle physical auction platform through Shriram Automall India Limited, a 100%- owned subsidiary. It sells refurbished commercial vehicles through Shriram New Look. The Company operates in three segments: providing fi nance to commercial vehicles, other loans(Financing activities),trading of used commercial vehicles (Trading Division) and facilitating the buyers / sellers to sell their vehicles (Service Division).

Key Strengths:

a. The largest asset financing NBFC in India.

b. Access to a range of cost effective funding sources.

c. Unique business model and a track record of financial performance.

d. Strong brand name.

e. Extensive experience and expertise in credit appraisal and collection processes.

f. Experienced and senior management team.     


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