Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning:

Life at Golden Years, should be full of joy, happiness, comfort, grace and above all one should be able to do things he or she likes more.

Like foreign countries, we do not have any social security to look after our retirement. Without proper retirement planning, life can be cruel and miserable. For day to day expenses, one will have to ask from their children or will have to keep on working for money.

Therefore retirement planning is of utmost importance.

Retirement rest on two pillars, HEALTH and WEALTH. One has to have enough Health Insurance plan to fund his medical emergencies and should be practical while planning for his retirement pensions. “TIME” is the most important asset we have for retirement planning, and we have to use it to the fullest.

It is the biggest component of Financial Planning as Your working period (Accumulation Phase) & Retirement period (Distribution Phase) are almost equal. We will help you in planning your retirement. We will help you in creating a portfolio which will take care of your lifestyle expenses. We will help you in taking care of your future expenses like Children’s Education, Buying House etc.

During retirement, income stops but the expenses don’t. With inflation increasing the cost of basic essentials, your savings today might not suffice meeting the cost of necessities throughout the retired life. It is therefore important to start saving early and in a planned manner for a comfortable, stress-free retired life. What is also important is to determine your goal for the retirement corpus basis your projected needs during retired life.

Every one should be disciplined in his approach.

Few steps for successful retirement plan:

  • Start Early.
  • Choose a proper asset class.
  • Define your realistic retirement fund.
  • Keep saving.
  • Monitor your investments.
  • Exit when you reach near your retirement fund.

We help you to create retirement fund, with proper planning. The steps are as follows:

  • Analyzing your current health status.
  • Recommending appropriate health insurance plan.
  • Analyzing your current expenses.
  • Analyzing your post-retirement financial needs.
  • Recommending the most appropriate retirement plan.
  • Corpus creation and pensions.

Financial Planning includes Retirement Planning. Retirement planning is the allocation of savings or revenue for retirement. The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence, so that the need to be gainfully employed is optional rather than a necessity. 

Financial Planning services provided by Certified Financial PlannersCM, also few Certified Investment / Certified Financial Advisors provide financial planning Service. We provide Financial Planning Service in Pune and around.



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