Govt. of India Tax Free Bonds Interest Payments dates & Deemed date of allotment 2013-14

Govt. of India Tax Free Bonds Interest Payments Dates and Allotment dates 2013-14

Name of Issuer
Credit Rating
Issue Size (Rs in cr)
Date of Launch
Date of Allotment
Listing date
Interest Payment Date
1Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (Tranche I)AAA" by CRISIL, CARE, IRRPL & ICRA350030-Aug-1324-Sep-1330-Sep-13December 1, every year
2Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd (Tranche I)AA+" by CARE & IRRPL4809.217-Sep-1325-Oct-1329-Oct-13October 25, every year
3India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (Tranche I)AAA" by CARE, IRRPL, BWR & ICRA25003-Oct-1312-Nov-1314-Nov-13November 12, every year
4Power Finance Corporation LimitedAAA" by CARE, CRISIL & ICRA3875.914-Oct-1316-Nov-1320-Nov-13November 16, every year
5NHPC LimitedAAA" by CARE, IRRPL & ICRA100018-Oct-132-Nov-137-Nov-13April 1, Every Year
6Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd (Tranche II)AA+" by CARE & IRRPL2439.22-Dec-13 13-Jan-14 17-Jan-14January 13, Every Year
7NTPC LimitedAAA" by CRISIL & ICRA17503-Dec-1316-Dec-1319-Dec-13December 16, every year
8India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (Tranche II)AAA" by CARE, IRRPL, BWR & ICRA30009-Dec-1322-Jan-14  24-Jan-14January 22, Every Year
9National Housing Bank (Tranche I)AAA" by CRISIL, ICRA & CARE210030-Dec-13 13-Jan-1416-Jan-14 January 13, Every Year
10Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited (Tranche 1)AAA" by CRISIL, ICRA & CARE100006-Jan-1418-Feb-14 21-Feb-14April 15, every year 
11National Highway Authority of IndiaAAA" by CRISIL, CARE & Brickwork3698.415-Jan-145-Feb-14 10-Feb-14March 15, every year 
14IREDAAAA" by Brickwork & CARE100017-Feb-1413-Mar-1419-Mar-14March 13, every year 
12National Housing Bank (Tranche II)AAA" by CRISIL, ICRA & CARE10007-Mar-1424/03/201426-Mar-14March 24, every year 
13India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (Tranche 3)AAA" by CARE, IRRPL, BWR & ICRA2823.7917-Feb-1427-Mar-1431-Mar-14March 27, every year 
15Ennore Port LtdAA" by ICRA & CARE50018-Feb-1425-Mar-1427-Mar-14March 25, every year 
16Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd (Tranche 3)AA+" by CARE & IRRPL285.828-Feb-1424-Mar-1428-Mar-14December 1, every year
17Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited (Tranche 2)AAA" by CRISIL, ICRA & CARE2916.8828/02/201426/03/201428-Mar-14April 15, every year
18Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (Tranche 2)AAA" by CRISIL, CARE, IRRPL & ICRA1059.3928-Feb-1424-Mar-1427-Mar-14December 1, every year

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