Manappuram Finance Ltd.

 Manappuram Finance Ltd.

Manappuram Finance Ltd NCD Jan 2014 Interest Rate up to 12.50%

 Manappuram Finance Ltd.

Company Profile

* Manappuram Finance Ltd. headquartered in the southern Indian state of Kerala is one of the leading listed NBFCs lending money against the pledge of household and/or used gold jewellery (“Gold Loans”) and the second largest Gold Loan provider in India, in terms of gold loan portfolio expanding 163% and 189% during financial year 2010 and financial year 2011 respectively with decline in growth in financial year 2012 in line with the industry.

* Manappuram Finance has been in the Gold Loan financing business since 1999.

* Gold Loan customers are individuals ranging from rural and semi-urban areas to metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore who typically require funds for social obligations, emergencies, agriculture related activities, small scale business operations or consumption purposes.

* Disburse Gold Loans to our customers from a network of 3,293 branches in 26 states and union territories of India, including 2,299 branches in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

* Gross non-performing gold loan assets were 0.94%, 0.55%, 0.31%, 0.66%, 1.17% and 1.06% of our gross Gold Loan portfolio under management as of March 31, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and the six months period ended September 30, 2013, respectively.

* Disburse Gold Loans to our customers from a network of 3,293 branches in 26 states and union territories of India, including 2,299 branches in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Issuer/ Borrower
Manappuram Finance Limited
Issue OpenDecember 30, 2013
Issue CloseJanuary 20, 2014*
Issue SizeBase issue size of ` 100 Crore, with an option to retain oversubscription of ` 100 Crore, aggregating to a total of ` 200 Crore
Nature of InstrumentSecured, redeemable non-convertible bonds in the nature of debentures
Credit Rating‘CRISIL A+/Negative’ by CRISIL
ListingProposed to be listed on BSE
TradingIn Dematerialised form only
Face Value(`/NCD)Rs. 1,000
Issue Price (`/NCD)Rs. 1,000
Minimum Application` 10,000/- or 10 NCDs (for all Series of NCDs either taken individually or collectively)
In Multiples of` 1,000/- or 1 NCD
Lead ManagersICICI Securities Limited
RegistrarLink Intime India Private Limited
DepositoriesNSDL & CDSL

Frequency of Interest PaymentCumulativeMonthlyAnnuallyCumulativeMonthlyAnnually
Tenor400 Days24 Months24 Months24 months36 Months36 Months
Coupon (% per annum)NA11.50%12.00%NA12.25%12.50%
Effective Yield (p.a.)11.00%12.13%12.00%12.00%12.94%12.50%
Amount (` / NCD) on Maturity***1121.71000.01000.01254.41000.01000.0
Maturity Date400 Days24 Months24 Months24 Months36 Months36 Months

Frequency of Interest PaymentCumulativeMonthlyAnnuallyCumualtiveCumulative
Tenor 36 Months60 Months60 Months60 Months75Months
Coupon (% per annum)NA11.25%11.50%NANA
Effective Yield (p.a.) f11.75%11.85%11.50%11.50%11.70%
Amount (` / NCD) on Maturity***1,395.541,000.001,000.001,723.352,000.00

Important Information (Instruction)

Please take print of the Application Form on A3 /A4 paper size.

Attach following document along with the application form : –

1] Self attested PAN Card Photo Copy.

2] Address Proof photocopy attested by you.

3] One cancelled cheque/copy of cheque (for ECS)

4] Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of”

5] Keep photocopy of application form for your record.

6] Submit / deposit your application form in Listed/ Design Bank Branches.

7] To track status / allotment of your application form, send us the soft copy Application Form/ Acknowledgement Slip.

Following Details require: Application No, PAN No, Date of Submission, Location of Submission, Invested Amount, Cheque No, Bank Name:

8] The actual bond certificate will be send by post within 8-12 weeks’ time form date of allotment.

9] Free Home Service is available in Pune Area.

Who Can Apply/Invest?

Resident Individual, HUF, Charitable Institution, University,NRI

Competitive Strengths:
 -One of the leading gold financing companies in India with a long operating history and loyal customer base
 -Flexible loan schemes, high quality customer service and short response time
 -Geographical reach of branch network
 -Strong capital raising ability and high credit rating
 -Robust support system and IT infrastructure, including appraisal, internal audit and inventory control and safety systems.
 -In-house training capabilities to meet the requirements of its branches
 -Experienced management team and skilled personnel

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