If you are a breadwinner, an accident can create serious financial problems for your family. It can ruin the comfort and security you work so hard to provide them. Just think of it, who will help them settle the financial commitments in your absence or in case of your disability to earn any more, temporarily or permanently? You need to be prepared. Arm yourself with personal accident insurance.

Personal accident insurance covers the risk of bodily injuries arising directly from an accident that was caused by external, violent and visible means and results in death or disablement.  Concept Did you ever knew someone who met with an accident and he was the main bread-winner of the family ? Mostly yes . A personal Accident Insurance plan are policies which covers a person from accidental death, accidental disability and several other features. There can be very bad consequences of meeting an accident like death or pause in income , ranging from few weeks , months to even years .

A term plan can only help in death and a health plan can help in case you are hospitalized, some of these policies also offers accidental riders, but these riders are not as comprehensive as standalone Personal Accident Insurance policies have . In this articles lets see the benefits and features of Personal Accident Insurance policies .  Key Strengths: Be safe with standard accident covers: 1. Accidental Death: 2. Permanent Total Disablement: 3. Permanent Partial Disablement: 4. Temporary Total Disablement: Additional benefits:

1. Transportation of Mortal Remains: 2. Funeral Expenses: 3. Education Grant for Children: 4. Hospital Daily Cash Allowance:

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