is the best online investment platform powered by NSE-NMFII for Non Resident Indians (NRIs). You can make investments in mutual fund schemes in a completely paperless manner. Moreover, value-added services available for different life goals of NRI’s, like Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), Systematic Transfer Plan (STP), Purchase, Redemption, Switch etc.

You can access details over Skype, email, phone and chat, making investing across borders a rewarding phenomenon. is the most online-enabled, paperless way of investing in Mutual Funds in India.

 Open your NSE-NMFII account in just two simple steps.

1] Register on the website by providing your name, address and bank account details, nominee details and email us the soft copy of your documents. We will verify your documents and check KYC status.

2] If all details are in place, you will receive pre-filled NSENMFII application form along with password to operate, and download, print and send it to us along with a few supporting documents. Password will be activated once everything is in place.

NRIs of USA and Canada are also allowed to invest through this platform.