Free Online Wealth Management Account for our existing and new investments.

1] Sanriya E-Wealth A/c Login :- Tracks all your investments, cash flow and assets, through price updates. Get a consolidated view of your multiple

      1. Mutual funds,
      2. Stock,
      3. Fixed Deposits,
      4. Bonds,
      5. Debenture,
      6. Company Fixed Deposits,
      7. PPF,
      8. NSC,
      9. Postal Saving Scheme,
      10. Insurance, ULIP
      11. PMS, or
      12. Bullion transactions.
      13. Real Estate.

Know your best and worst investments at a glance and much more…

        • Capital Gains: Quick summary of capital gains incurred in current fiscal and tax status of your investments if sold today. You can also check capital gains and tax status for past fiscals
        • Transaction History: Displays history of transactions that have taken place in your stocks, mutual funds etc. You can track your transactions for different financial years too
        • MF SIP Tracking: Whether 12, 24, 36 or more, update your MF Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) instalments in just 2 simple steps. You can also set your future SIPs for auto updating
        • Watch list: A powerful engine for those who wish to track Stocks, Funds, and Commodities before deciding on whether to invest in them or not. You can also set price trigger alerts for your stocks
        • Dividends: Track current and historic dividends declared by your stocks and mutual funds. You can also auto adjust your MFs for dividend pay-outs and re-investments.
        • Asset Allocation: Its displays an asset allocation for you across different asset classes.
        • Industry Classification: Displays which different sectors have you invested your money in and also displays what percentage of your total investment belongs to which sector with chats.
        • Equity Classification: Displays which different companies you have invested your money in and also displays what percentage of your total investment belongs to which companies with chats
        • Comparison of Performance vis-a-vis benchmark.
        • Debt Holding report.
        • Credit Profile report.
        • Weighted Average Maturity Report.
        • Knowledge, Information and Analysis Desk Available
        • Transaction slips (Additional Purchases, Redemptions, & Switches etc)
        • Net Wealth / Asset Report
        • Financial Year wise P & L statement.
        • Financial Year wise Performance Report.

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