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There are more than thirty lakh agents (life insurance, post office, Mutual fund etc).
But there are only about 2000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS CM (CFPCM) in India. We are one among them.



No hidden charges. We earn a small fee from the mutual fund companies for the services we provide. So no per transaction fee for mutual fund investments. Sanriya Investments charges ZERO.

Building Wealth

Building Wealth the right way, by using flexible investment tools for you. We provide expert guidance and a range of services to help you to protect your wealth now and for the future.

Save Tax
We choose tax efficient product. Don’t let your hard money slip away! TAX is the biggest single expense. There is a lot to understand when it comes to save your taxes....

Invest Better

Whether you want to safeguard your existing wealth or make plans for the next generation, we will work with you to understand – and help to achieve – your individual and family goals..

How We work?

Book a Free Consultation Session
*Book an obligation-free consultation today. Ready to invest or want to review your situation? We’d love to hear from you.

You Decide As per your Goal, How Much & When to Invest
Invest with Goals. You decide your short-term, long term goal. We will help you to achieve it.

Online Investment & Tracking Facility

Investors (resident Indians or NRIs) get access to a wide range of mutual funds, can manage in one place for entire family!

Review Your Portfolio Regularly
We help to review & analyze portfolio regularly. When it comes to checking portfolio, think quality, not quantity.

At SANRIYA INVESTMENT ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED, our objective has always been to equip self-directed investors with all the tools and information they need to make better investment decisions, and, over time, we have built a reputation for doing just that.
We offer one of the widest arrays of fund families in the industry, and we have the tools to help you choose the right fund or basket of funds to meet your unique goals.

The deposit kept by investors with companies for a fixed period carrying a fixed rate of interest is called Company Fixed Deposit. Manufacturing – Service Companies, Financial institutions and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) accept deposits from investor.

We offer one of the widest arrays of fund families in the industry, and we have the tools to help you choose the right fund or basket of funds to meet your unique goals.

Bond means a security issued by a Company, Financial Institution or Government, which offers regular or fixed payment of interest in return for borrowed money for a certain period of time which may be secured or unsecured.

Life-General Insurance intermediary (IFA) is also known as Life-General Insurance Advisors, Life-General Insurance Distributors, Life-General Insurance Brokers, Life-General Insurance Consultants, Life-General Insurance Agents.

Financial planning is the process of meeting your financial goals through the proper management of your finances. Financial goals can include buying a home, savings for your child’s education, planning for your retirement or estate planning.
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Our continuous endeavor towards educating investors and helping them make informed investor.

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What Our Client Say
Pleased with the mutual fund service provided by Santosh and team . Support customers with deep values and respectread more

Rohit Singhal
04:25 07 Oct 18

Awesome, prompt services, Santosh is always reachable, have tremendous patience and good more

Prashant Harde
15:43 20 Aug 18

Santosh is a one of the professional and quite knowledge financial advisor.I had multiple doubts regarding my financial goals , but the way he had addressed these - truely remarkable .. I will recommend him further more

Himanshu Dhir
12:17 07 Jul 18

Excellent service and guidance received. And expecting the same in future. Thank you, Santosh more

sachin ghogale
07:53 28 Jun 18

Good Experience with Mr.Santosh and the service they provide is much impressive then any other financial planner I ever met. Expect the same in future.... 👍read more

Debraj Dey
10:12 12 May 18

the one-stop-shop for all your financial plan queries and options. Thanks to Santosh and his staff for their prompt response more

P Pramod Kumar
14:01 15 Mar 18

Sanriya Investments offers investment advice and assistance throughout the entire retirement-planning process. They have convenient features, such as online and mobile access, which make it possible to monitor and invest through your email or accounts online, no matter where you are or the time of more

10:25 22 Dec 17

I know mr santosh since 2014 when i wanted to invest in NHAI & REC BONDS I never met him personally but my all work has been completed very smoothly.recently he helped us to invest in RBI BONDS.i am sure he will always be there for our financial needs in future.thanks a lot and wish you all the bestread more

suhas gadgil
15:36 27 Nov 17

Prompt service and crystal clear communication, is their trademark. I did not know that Investments could be so hassle-free. Thank you 🙂read more

Shruti Gosavi
07:55 25 Nov 17

Sanaria Investment is one of the most customer oriented financial organisation I have seen. This is what retail investors should be looking for. Right advise at right cost followed by great service. Great job Team Sanaria, keep up the good more

Nikhil Bhagwat
05:26 21 Nov 17

Excellent approach of Mr. Santosh in terms of responding to queries, punctuality and documentation. He has a practical approach to financial planning and a wide knowledge of various available MFs .read more

Purvil Khakharia
07:31 17 Sep 17

Excellent and quick service. Santosh ji has been outstanding.

Mohit Kumar
05:44 17 Sep 17

Quick and genuine response. We need someone on whom we can rely on and Sanriya is one of more

Santosh Nair
05:14 17 Sep 17

Very quick & informative response all the time whenever requested.Politness Behaviour & charming response without pressure every time.Availability all the times over telephone.Very punctual in his more

15:00 09 Jul 17

Mr. Santosh Kedari.. Good service and good advice.. Basically i can check dailly what is happening to my investment. He is very nice in this field and gives good results.. Thanks for your all help.. Best luck for future!!!read more

Anup Kulkarni
14:19 26 Jun 17

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