Company/NBFC Fixed Deposit General Terms & Conditions Instruction

Any investment portfolio should comprise the right mix of safe, moderate and risky investments. While mutual funds and stocks are the favorite contenders for moderate and risky investments, fixed deposits & bonds are safe investments one need to have to have for a balance portfolio.

We offers a list of Fixed Deposit varying in tenure, interest rate & organization in which you may chose to invest. Investing in Fixed Deposits has never been so easy.

No need to step out of home, You just need to click on contact details or call on our contact number & our executive will come down to your place.

General Terms & Conditions:

1] FDR will be dispatched directly to the depositor by registered post /courier service at the address provided in the application form within 08(eight) weeks from the date of cheque realization.

2] The interest will be credited from the date of cheque realization.

3] Interest payment will take place through ECS/ NEFT/ Post Dated cheques.

4] If the interest credited or paid or likely to credited during a Financial Year exceeds Rs.5000/- the TDS will be deducted at applicable rates. However, no TDS will be levied if Form 15G/ 15 H is provided along with the application form.

5] In case of joint depositors, all documents like TDS certificates etc. will be processed in the name of First depositor.

6] Deposits/ renewals/ repayments/interest will be subject to the Companies (Acceptance of Deposit) Rules, 1975 as amended from time to time.

7] The organization reserves the right to alter or amend any of the Terms and Conditions.

8] The Company can accept /withdraw deposits without prior intimation

9] Application must be accompanied by an “Account Payee” cheque/draft in favour of respective company.

10] For more details refer the application form.

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